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Welcome to Powerboats.cz. website

First of all, a few words about history of this web

When I became interested in model boat making, I was unpleasantly surprised that there is not enough information for inexperienced  beginners. Therefore, I decided to present  methods  and  partial description of the construction not only of my boats. 
You won't find precise building instructions here, because in model building there is a lot of improvisation and individuality, everyone has to find his own way and use his own ideas. 
Since I am not focused only on boats, but also in 3D flying with class 700 helicopters, you will find here some information about these beautiful machines in the Heli 3D part.
After few years, I have desired for a bit of adrenaline and returned to the fast "Hotliner" competition aircraft of the F5B and F5F categories, so that you can also find some information about electric-powered airplanes going up vertically up to 90m / s. Maybe you will ask why on PowerBoats website which is about boats, there are also helicopters and more ... Managing of more websites would be time consuming, so I put all the effort to this site. I wish you a lot of success in modeling activities.

Petr alias "Petrfox"