In the region of Northeastern Bohemia are nice and high quality things manufactured. This time it is a great riding racing mono boat FSR category called Fazer from manufacturer MMProducts. The length is 955mm, width 340mm. As classic version is the hull made from fiberglass, or in a combined carbon/kevlar material, alternatively in a very strong combination 2x carbon/kevlar called "Bulletproof" or Bullet. If we add a few good ideas, then a very sophisticated, precise hardware Powerboats.cz is created. And when a box full of surprises arrives from the Zlín region, in the form of top controllers MGM CONTROLLERS completed with excellent German LMT motors, a very pure Czech setup was created. The only "thorn in the eye" will remain only the German LMT motors, but that in this case it is definitely not a bad thing laughing

Karl Fazer was a Finnish businessman and sports shooter. He was born in Helsinki. He studied bakery in Berlin, Paris, St. Petersburg and became a pioneer of Finnish confectionery. His brand Karl Fazer, founded in 1891, has a tradition to this days. 

God knows if Karl has anything to do with the Fazer...smile

Toni, thanks for the chocolate and I send also greetings to Finland wink