FSR Fazer MMP 8S from powerbats.cz


Today was full of expectations ... the first FSR Fazer MMP with our hardware powerboats.cz will finally go on the water. We wake up to a cold morning, the temperature on the thermometer is 4 degrees. The sun is shining and it looks like a nice autumn day. From the morning on, we think about everything that may not work 100% completely, as we thought during the production in the peace of home. The cabin is mounted and sealedd with adhesive tape and the boat can go to water. Before ride, I limit the throtthle range in the transmitter to 85%. After the first few tens of meters, when the boat is running on 85% throttle absolutely calm and very stable, I'am holding the full throttle and pull the rudder. Fazer immediately changes direction 90 degrees to the left, and after releasing the steering wheel on the transmitter, it goes straight with surgical precision without a single sign of movement that should't be there. After about 3 minutes on the water, I drive to the shore, before which I try the reverse gear of the great MGM Controller. Let's go download the data and see what's going on in the boat. After opening the cabin, the LMT 2260 motor and the MGM 25035 controller are completely cold, the batteries are lukewarm and the boat is completely dry, without a single drop of water. So our worries were completely useless, everything works at 100%. At 85% PWM, the power peak was 4.2 kW, the propeller RPMs in water were 24000-26000, the current peak was 110-130A. Today was a reward for several months of 3D drawing, measuring, inventing, milling, turning and modifying many parts of the entire hardware.

Complete hardware kits will be ready by the end of the year wink