Holice 4-6.10.2019

The penultimate meeting of the season 2019 took place in the camp Hluboký u Holic, in the Pardubice region. The first enthusiasts arrived already on Friday and during the afternoon, accompanied by rainy showers, we managed to start the gathering in large numbers with several rides on the water. Unfortunately, it was raining on Saturday all day long, but it did not discourage us, we were riding all day. The evening toast to the Sun was so intense that in the morning at 7:30 am, the sun began to light up the trees in autumn colours on the opposite shore; the morning haze hung over the water surface ... just splendid!  We were riding from 8 am until about 2 pm, all day at full sunshine.  On the way home, we stopped on Kunětická hora for a dinner.


Thanks a lot to all of you for your participation, it was a very successful weekend and I think that even the bad weather could not spoil our mood :-)

Now, I know that I am repeating myself but I take the opportunity to remind you of the following:

In case you do not wish me to publish a certain photo, perhaps because you are not as beautiful in it as you think you are, just drop me a line and the photo in question will be removed :-)

Photo gallery from Samsung Galaxy S8 below.