Otrokovice Štěrkoviště 20-22.9.2019

The autumn meeting of the Otrokovice Model Club traditionally took place in Štěrkoviště directly in Otrokovice, in the DDM Sluníčko building in Trávníky.
Thanks for the invitation belong to the Otrokovice Model Club and also especially to the town hall for allowing such a meetings to take place.
Special thanks also go to my friend Lukáš Vacek - a factory pilot and a representative of the Zlín company MGM Compro a producer of electric controllers - for the demonstration of the RC helicopter and the excellent 3D aerobatic flight at the world level, at the nearby MK Otrokovice airport.
Sometimes anyone can make a mistake or when a 2.5 m high pole, which marks the edge of the track, gets in the way, it can't end any other way ...
PS: We wish a fast recovery not only to the soul, but also to the wallet